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How do I start?

Just give us a call. We will gather basic information for invoicing, then just make your request.

Do you always have drivers available?

With few exceptions, we can fill a request the following day. In most cases, we are able to have a driver to your dealership within an hour of your request. (However, we request as much advance notice as possible.)

Do you handle trucks?

We move very few trucks that require a Commercial Drivers License. We do work for some selected equipment companies that move cab and chassis for small utility trucks. We have temporary mud flaps to transport these vehicles.

Do you provide the chase or transport vehicle?

We certainly can. Usually, our customers will provide a chase vehicle off their lot. When we do provide a chase vehicle, a charge of $75/day applies, in addition to fuel.

Do you do title running or handle paperwork?

Yes. Some of our customers ask us to handle this service as well.

Can I just call my own drivers?

You would be doing some of our work for us, but yes. Some of our customers have a preferred driver or two that they call directly. When that happens, our driver will notify us that he has been scheduled, and then he/she will send us the results of the trip so that we can invoice you.

What happens when a car has mechanical problems?

We will do our best to minimize the problem. We will contact you and work at your direction. However, additional time and expenses incurred would be invoiced to you. This is a very rare situation, since we deal mostly with new and late model vehicles.